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This website was designed to inform the public of the ever increasing ozone problem. Most people are not aware of this problem, and now is the time to inform them.

The Ozone is a layer located in the stratosphere, and is critical to human life because it blocks out harmful ultraviolet rays (U.V. Rays). Human activities have reduced ozone concentrations in the stratosphere in some places around the world (click here to see a picture of the ozone layer).

Such things like filling your gas tank and lighting a barbecue are two of many things that affect the ozone layer. Surprisingly, industry does not contribute as much to the problem as one would think. The government has so many regulations and emission laws in place that the pollution is equal to or even less than that of the common person.

So feel free to browse throughout this website to gain as much information as you wish. Learn how to protect yourself from UV Rays and learn how you can help to save the ozone. Don't forget to sign our guestbook, and remember, its a wonderful world!

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